The Apartment Project

A visual, edible & audible experience

         I’ve come to realize that space is a precious thing, as it is necessary to enable the best things in life - art, food, music, nature…  So, when unfortunate circumstances put me in possession of a fair amount of space, I decided to fill it with three of my favorite things, an art trifecta perhaps - contemporary art installation, thoughtful cuisine, and some fine tunes. The creative environment has allowed chefs to be inspired by art, artists to be inspired by food, and musicians to be inspired by it all!

         For the opening pop-up we’ve partnered with Goose Island and Drink Tank (a recreational think tank) to host a Party with a PurposeTM. Each year Goose Island Beer Company visits cities across the globe to celebrate community, creativity and innovation. On July 21st they will be in Madison and we’re excited to collaborate with them for a dining and beer experience that brings artists, locally-sourced food, and beer together for an immersive, educational, and creative experience.  Ideas generated over the course of this Drink Tank will be used to create a custom piece of art created by Lesley Numbers that will be sold to raise funds for Fair Share CSA.   


Curated by Bethany Jurewicz
Menu by Jon Churan of Underground Food Collective
Music Programming by Matt Ambrosio


July 28th

5:45 Piano Jason Kutz
6:35 Electric Bass Josh Cohen
7:25 Guitar & Vocals Jesse Laz-Hirsch
8:15 Piano John Nimis
9:05 Klezmer accordian Brendan Loula
9:55 Stand Up Bass & Piano Isaac Surprenant & Sam Moffet

August 4th

5:45 Piano John Nimis
6:35 Guitar & Vocals Laz
7:25 Stand Up Bass & Piano Isaac Surprenant & Sam Moffet
8:15 Klezmer accordian Brendan Loula
9:05 Electric Bass Josh Cohen
9:55 Piano Jason Kutz