The Apartment Project

A visual, edible & audible experience

707 East Johnson Street Madison WI

Summer 2016


Garden of Ideas

An interactive gallery by Mallory Shotwell where the audience was encouraged to contribute to and interact with the space.

Accompanying Dish: Roasted carrots, pea puree, and Parmesan 


Make Room

Gallery featuring artwork by Rachel Bruya and Jeremy Wineberg

Accompanying Dish:   Red eye gravy sausage, sweet corn chow chow, soft-boiled egg, breadcrumbs and cold brew coffee



Gallery featuring prints by Lesley Numbers, chandelier by Barb Landes and Paul Sullivan, and immersive dining environment by Jeremy Wineberg.

Accompanying Dish:   Beets, honey cake, fennel and nasturium 


A glimpse of the overall space featuring menu artwork by June Tate, table and site specific installation by Barb Landes and Paul Sullivan, entrance hall by Erica Hess, and prints by Lesley Numbers.  

Accompanying Dishes: Buttered toast, Lincoln log cheese, macerated cherry tomatoes

Smoked whitefish, horseradish crème fraîche, cucumber scallion salad